Touch Screen Creation Tool

Create a touch screen easily!

Create easily like a drawing software

TOMATE is the Windows app.

You can create a touch screen easily like a drawing software.

All drawing objects can be described with “Scripts” that can set display and actions when touched.

Trial version is ready.

Easy installation on Raspberry Pi

The created screen can be executed on the Raspberry Pi.

You can easily build a system that operates in a Raspberry Pi and touch panel environment.

Can create Windows standalone files

You can create an “executable file” that can be launched on Windows.

The created file can be executed even in an environment where TOMATE is not installed.

You can easily build touch content on a Windows-PC with a touch function

Support user programs with convenient functions

“Parts” objects

Numerical input, Item selection, and Dialog the “Parts” are included as standard, making it easy to display the interface.

Each item is customizable.

Raspberry Pi Upload tool

The created screen can be easily installed on the Raspberry Pi connected on the LAN.

You can also set up automatic execution when the Raspberry Pi starts up, allowing you to easily build a stand-alone environment.

Easy cooperation with user programs

By simply reading and writing a dedicated text file, you can easily link with the user program.

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